Black Avocados - Dark Spots in Avocado

What are the causes of the dark spots in my avocado?

Avocados are a perishable fruit that some times is damaged by cold storage while the fruit is in transit to the grocery store.  This happens prior to the fruit beginning the ripening process.  In addition, the handling and care of the fruit can cause bruising as a result of excess handling.  Unfortunately, there is no way to tell whether or not the avocado will cut open with black spots by looking at the fruit from the outside.  The best method to ensure quality and consistent avocados is to order online through  If you happen to cut an avocado open and find the black dots, simply remove them by cutting with knife or spoon.

Late in the avocado season, as the fruit matures and contains high amounts of oil, avocados can also develop brown spots in them.  This is a result of over-ripening and high oil content.  This typically occurs when the avocado is well past the point it should be eaten.  At this stage, the fruit is very ripe and may have changed flavor as well as have a rancid smell.  I don't recommend eating avocados that are over ripe.