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Avocado & Guacamole Recipes

  • Breakfast Breakfast

    Avocado is perfect with all of your favorite breakfast recipes. At the farm, this is a regular healthy start to the day.

  • Burgers, Wraps and Sandwiches Burgers, Wraps and Sandwiches

    Lunch with avocados is always good.

  • Drinks Drinks

    Guacamole isn’t the only way to get your avocado fix-try these great drinks, packed with vitamins from avocados

  • Guacamole Guacamole

    All of the greatest guacamole recipes

  • Our Meals Our Meals

    These are the homemade recipes, the way we eat avocados at the farm.

  • Soups Soups

    Adding avocado adds richness in any soup and is healthy, yet satisfying.

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian

    Avocado adds tons of flavor and nutrition in any vegetarian recipe.