Customer Testimonials - Buying Avocado Gift Boxes Online

Satisfied Customer - California Avocados

OK, you have won me over! I have ordered my second shipment of avocados! The first arrived while it was around 20 degrees and your little heat pack kept them warm and cozy. This was my first time eating avocados, I ordered them because Mimi Holtz is a friend from college and I wanted to be a part of their new internet business, but now I am hooked! The avocados in the supermarkets are very small compared to these and even rotten in the middle. This is definitely the way to go for quality tasteful fruit. I won't ever buy them in the supermarkets again. This product is just the best value for the money. Count me in as a convert! Thanks, Cathy H.

Avocado Gift Box Shipped from San Diego Resident to Missouri

Hi Ben,
With my perseverance in placing my avocado order....and your 'follow thru' getting my order 'off the tree and on the road' arrived at Lake Ozark in 3 days!!!!!!!!! Fantastic service!
My brother and wife are overjoyed with the beautiful avocados. Ruth says she has never seen such huge beautiful avocados.
Ruth mentioned you called her to verify if their address was a 'road', 'drive' whatever. The delivery people around the Lake just seem to know where the addresses are without 'details'. But it was efficient of you to get the 'details'.....esp. when shipping perishable merchandise.
I thought you would appreciate knowing that your product and personal attention to your customers is greatly appreciated. My son is in Internet Marketing with a product that he gives a 100% guaranteed refund if not satisfied. He gives personal attention to his customers, as you do. He has many loyal customers. I can assure you will receive the same loyality, just from my first purchase encounter with you.
I wish you much success!
Frieda E.

Avocado Gift Box Shipped from Los Angeles Resident to Maine

Dear Mr. Holtz, 
I would like to express my appreciation for the personal care that you gave my order. I ordered 2 boxes on line to be sent as a gift. One box arrived so I called to inquire about the second box. Your personal phone call to let me know that the second box would go right out was very thoughtful. The package arrived with its own heater which was very wise because it was delivered in 3 feet of snow. I hear that someone took the trouble to hand write the note that I indicated on the order.  The children adore avocados and were so excited to see the email showing how and when they were picked. They have never seen such large and perfect specimens. Their mother is a California girl and misses the fresh avocados. All in all, this was a truly wonderful experience that I will repeat again and again. Thank you for caring so much about your business and your customers. It does matter!
Warm regards, 
Susan L.

Avocado Gift Box Subscription Sent to Michigan

Thank you to the Holtz Family!!! I received my second box of avocados today, and they are as beautiful as the first. This is such a treat for us here in Michigan. California fresh avocados. GREAT! I also love the newsletter, the recipes, and your personal touch. Thank You. Thank You for sticking out through the rought times in life and giving us a wonderful product. We need our USA farmers, and appreciate all the hard work put into the products you grow for us. Thank You

Kathy S.

Avocado Gift Box Shipped to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Hi. The avocado order arrived just now and I'm thrilled. The packaging was expert, the avocados are beautiful. I think I can smell California on them! 

The ribbon to lift the lid on the box is just the sort of extra touch that is very much appreciated....what a presentation! Thank you so much for thinking of mail ordering your produce. What a winning idea!


Susan R.

Avocado Gift Basket Shipped to Northern California.

BTW . . . I bought some of your mail-order avocados, and they are FANTASTIC!  You sent 19 of them, and my teenager is on Spring Break, so I have been eating them all by myself.  I pureed about 9 of them last night so that they wouldn’t go to waste.  I am spreading the mash on my sourdough toast in the morning in place of butter, and it is fantastic!


Lynn A.

Avocado Gift Basket arrived in the snow

My friends in MN got their box today and had to call and cheer me on the phone!  There are hills of snow all around and temps varying between 20 below and 20 above, so they were absolutely delighted to have a box of "Spring” in their home!  Thank you for being an answer to a great gift.

Thanks Ben,