California Hass Avocados Gift Buying Guide


Send Fresh California Avocados:

A Guide for Gift Giving


Healthy Avocados:  The Perfect Gift


We received this note from a customer last week. 


"A dear friend of mine in Maine was lamenting the lack of avocados in her area. It suddenly occurred to me that I could order them online, so I searched and found your website to place an order. A few days later, my friend called and was overwhelmed by the beautiful avocados you sent. She said every one of them was perfect, and planned to order some more.


We decided to place an order ourselves, as I was tired of wasting money on rotten ones at the store. Your box arrived, and the flavor and texture of your avocados were a million times fresher and tastier than any store-bought product. Even the last ones are still perfect!


 I just ordered another box for me and my housemate, who is terminally ill. She has been eating avocados every day for over a year. The magic of this fruit makes her feel better during even her worst days, and may even be alleviating her illness. Thank you so much for your orchard-to-door service! You have won yourselves lifelong customers!"


California Avocados from a Family Farm


When we decided to offer fresh California avocados grown on our family farm in gift boxes and subscriptions, we hoped that our customers would be as excited about ordering avocados as we were about growing them.  The customer who wrote such a beautiful note of appreciation to us confirmed that avocado gifts and subscriptions are a wonderful way to send an expression of love and  caring to friends and family.  


 Our premium avocados are an ideal fruit to send as a gift because they are picked fresh from the tree,  hand-packed, and mailed on the same day.   Since avocados do not begin ripening until they are picked from the tree,  the avocados in our gift boxes are rock hard when they go into the box.   Nestled in a specially designed double mailing box, the avocados arrive in pristine condition and ripen gradually in the kitchen of the recipient.   We include a Ripening and Storage Guide in each gift box with instructions and suggestions for the best ways to ripen the fruit and enjoy it at peak perfection.




California Avocados are the Perfect Gift


Who are the people who send fresh California avocados as gifts?   Everyone!   We enjoy hearing the reasons why our customers order avocado gift boxes for their family and friends, or even for strangers who have been particularly kind.   Here are some of the stories we have been told by happy customers who sent avocados as gifts.


Just last week a gentleman called and ordered the "Complete California Avocado Gift Box” for his grandson who is away at college and won’t be able to come home for the holidays.   This lucky young man will receive a box of treats to enjoy while his avocados are ripening, with a loving note from his grandma and grandpa included in the box. 


A young mother ordered two dozen avocados for a group of doctors and nurses who helped save the life of her child, who became ill while on vacation.    When the child required further medical care in a different hospital, the same caring mom sent avocados to the medical team to express her appreciation of the care her daughter received.   She was grateful to have a healthy and special gift that could be shared among those who took such good care of her child.   She had some avocados delivered directly to the hospital by calling our farm and ordering a box to be sent direct from California to the hospital on the east coast.   The second time she ordered avocados,  she asked us to send the large gift box to her hotel so she could hand-deliver the fruit to the hospital in person.


One young girl in New York knew that her teacher loved avocados and wanted to give a special gift at the end of the school year.  Her mother called our ranch and ordered the largest, most beautiful fruit in the Big and Tall Avocado Gift Box so that her daughter could thank her beloved teacher in a very special way.  Imagine the moment when the young girl proudly presented the perfect California avocados freshly picked from the tree only a few days earlier.  This  gift became a memory for both the teacher and the student.  



Avocados for Nutrition and Health


Some of our customers rely on fresh avocados for their nutritional needs, with severe restrictions in the foods they can safely consume.    We are especially happy that we can provide our beautiful avocados on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.   We enjoy keeping in touch with our loyal customers by phone or by our e-mail newsletters,  letting them know which varieties of avocados are currently in season.   We’re always happy to answer any questions about our avocados, and we especially enjoy hearing how they use their avocados in meals, snacks, and special recipes.




Most Popular Avocado Gift Box with Pistachios


One of our most popular gift boxes is the Holiday Avocado Gift Box, which includes 4 extra large California avocados and a package of California pistachios to enjoy while the avocados are ripening.  This box never fails to impress, with premium extra-large fruit that are never found in stores  and jumbo pistachios grown on a family farm in central California. 


Avocados make the perfect gift for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, engagements, new babies,  weddings,  Christmas, Hanukkah,  Thanksgiving,  Easter,  Valentine’s Day,  St. Patrick’s Day (green!),  Fourth of July,  special football parties,  family reunions,  class reunions,  hostess gifts,  thank you gifts, get-well gifts,   or any other occasions when a special expression of health and happiness and caring is desired.


How to Contact Us


You can find us online at  or  contact us by phone toll free at 844-286-7447  or send us an e-mail at   We’ll be delighted to help you place an order or provide any additional information you may need.